2016 K Old Bones Syrah

2016 K Old Bones Syrah

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Of the earth, deeply rooted in the only place in the world for this amazing wine. Powerfully layered and dense. Cold fireplace, forest floor, winter sun, firm, serious and to be continually rediscovered as it rests and waits. My old bones. - Charles

99 Points, Jay Miller, The Wine Advocate (v2007)
“This is composed of 50% Heart and 50% Skull aged in 500 liter new barrels. Savory, rich, layered, and already com- plex, this exceptionally lengthy mouth-filling, hedonistic Syrah offers just a micrometer of extra flavor interest compared to either Heart or Skull individually. The new oak and a broader palette of flavors to choose among are the most likely contributors.”

The vineyards we work with are farmed using the most up to date sustainable practices.

Stoneridge (100%): Alluvial fan gravel bed, the site rests above the flood plain of the Columbia River. Under the topsoil is a layer of caliche and basalt 6-12’’ deep, creating a calcium and iron rich media that forces roots to struggle.

The 2016 vintage started early and warm in Washington State. When summer arrived, the season saw cooler evenings that helped retain acidity, extended the growing and ripening period into September and October. This allowed the fruit to gain more complexity and deeper charm without sacrificing the acid or producing higher alcohol content. The vintage has created deeply rich and focused wines that we will be able to enjoy for a long time to come.

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